To the aspiring physics students of Texas:

Do you care about preparing the future of the nation to understand the workings of nature itself and to develop new and exciting technologies? Do you love exploring how the universe works, and do you love to share what you learn? Then a career teaching physics might just be for you, and we have just the resources to help.

Why Teach Physics?

Acting as a physics teacher, especially for those already with an interest in the subject, is guaranteed to be a positive and fulfilling experience. It is also one of the most important jobs out there – you will make a real, positive impact on the world by preparing future students just like you to tackle the world and its challenges with a new perspective.

Physics is at the center of our universe, serving as the key to understanding how and why things tick. As such, students who learn physics will become equipped with the foundational tools necessary to approach almost any branch of science in this modern age. With the future predicting that eight out of 10 jobs require some kind of math or computer skills, why wouldn’t you want to be one of the people behind the next generation’s greatest minds?

By teaching physics, you will undeniably be integral to the advancement of physics. You will form important relationships within our department as well as with the greater Texas physics community as a whole as you learn alongside fellow like-minded educators just like you. You will make a lasting impression on the students that you teach, who will remember your name as they advance in their careers. After every single semester, you will leave knowing that you have brought more educated people into the world by your own doing. And, most importantly, when you witness the next advancement in the world of physics, you can know that you were responsible for it. After all, every one of the world’s greatest minds began as a student.

Finding Physics Education Resources

Finding the right physics education program to get qualified can seem daunting: there are a wide variety of options differing in quality, cost, and time for completion. Deciding to become a teacher can be a big step into the unknown: How do you find a community of fellow students training to become teachers and current teachers who want to share the tricks of the trade?

Look no further! We encourage you, if you are even slightly interested, to explore our site. One of our central aims is to highlight the best physics education programs, provide reliable information about teaching physics as a profession, and connect people from across the state so we might learn from and support each other. Let’s change the world together.

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