To the college physics professors of Texas:

Less than half of physics teachers nationwide have a degree in physics, yet Physics in particular is one of the most in-demand teaching qualifications. Despite the numerous college graduates who receive a STEM degree, school districts struggle to find teachers who are trained in physics and have to hire teachers who lack a background or any experience teaching physics. Isn’t this a problem?

If you agree that this is an issue that is worth fixing, then we have a solution.

The Texas PhysTEC Regional Network

The Texas PhysTEC Regional Network is dedicated to reducing this physics teacher gap by raising awareness of the many ways physics faculty can engage with physics teacher preparation and contribute to its continual improvement.

Do you want to strengthen your physics education program and give your students access to a state-wide community? Our regular meetings draw faculty from across the state. We share knowledge about best practices in our programs at both the undergraduate and Master’s levels, so no matter your position, you can always find a way to contribute.

We additionally work on issues related to certification pathways for students. These problems include, but are not limited to:

  • How should students navigate the structures that the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board sets?
  • What do schools want from students?
  • How do we provide the best, most convenient pathways for students?
  • How do we compete with for-profit certification programs?
  • How do we connect community college programs to university certification programs?
  • How do we connect with high school and community college advisors and administrators to spread the word?

By becoming a member of the Texas PhysTEC Regional Network, you will gain great visibility. You will be able to share your program on this website, a central location where students can find the programs that best fit them. You will also be able to connect with teachers across the state and advertise events for physics teachers.

Join us in creating a world that emphasizes the growth and importance of physics. Together, we can change the world for the better, and help give new physics students the resources and education they deserve.

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